Saturday, May 4, 2013

We made it! The plane trip was good. We all kept ourselves busy with the unlimited number of movies and tv shows. Thanks to Ativan mama enjoyed the plane ride as well! Lizzy didn't really sleep, however, which haunted us later that evening! We then met our facilitator at the airport and loaded a bus to Tianjin. I slept the whole time between the honking and the times we almost hit pedestrians crossing the street. It was a little crazy.Also, the bus driver was very mad at me and kept yelling at me to get off the bus once were stopped. I tried to explain that I was waiting for my wheelchair to get unpacked, but he just kept telling me to get off the bus. We then had to take a Taxi to our hotel. We finally arrived at our hotel in Tianjin and it is very nice. We also had a buffet breakfast this morning with some crazy things on the buffet. Liz and I stuck with doughnuts and noodles. The coffee was crazy strong! I liked it, though. Today we plan on sightseeing Tianjin and exchanging some US currency. We also told Lizzy that we will find a toy for her to give to Dylan tomorrow morning when we met him. Our facilitator will be here at 10:00 am tomorrow to come pick us up to get Dylan! We will continue to update as much as possible. Facebook and our blog is blocked out here. Luckily my awesome husband got VPN to work through Autotrader! Below is a picture of Lizzy posing with a statue at our hotel.

Candace, Paul, and Lizzy

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